Erectile Dysfunction is a common health condition and affects about 30 percent of men over the age of 40.  But as many as 20 percent of all adult males across age groups have reported some difficulties in getting and/or sustaining an erection.

According to our 2020 survey, 49 percent of men who experience erectile dysfunction symptoms have not sought a medical diagnosis. That may be a surprising number due to the increasing easiness of getting a medical diagnosis and proper treatment through licensed providers such as

Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of other serious health conditions including (but not limited to) heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. These disease states should not be left untreated.

In 2020, commissioned a significant study of attitudes and opinions men had on the subject of erectile dysfunction. The study surveyed 502 respondents across the country. Their answers and identity were completely anonymous, and their responses provided an invaluable look at how attitudes and perceptions varied on this important aspect of men’s health.

 As part of our mission to help inform and educate men on their medical options and encourage a positive attitude toward sex, is proud to share some of the survey highlights.