It’s well-known that health care costs keep going up every year. In 2020, the average national health care cost was $456 for an individual and $1,152 for a family per month (1). So if you do the math, that’s almost $5,500 for a year for a single person! Ouch! If you have your health insurance provided through an employer, you may have noticed that your deductibles and copayments keep going up. And if you purchased your health plan on the open market, you may have gone with a high deductible plan just to try and save some money. Although that might have saved money up front, now you may have a higher copay for your prescriptions.

And considering how much quality health care costs even with insurance, you might be nervous about using an online doctor’s visit or online pharmacy to get ED treatment. Will my online doctor visit be covered by insurance? Are online ED meds covered by insurance? And if not, won’t it be really expensive?

The simple answer to the first question is this: No, the services provided by are not covered by health insurance.

But, the good news is that the cost may still be lower than if you used a doctor and pharmacy in your health care network. Because even with insurance, you usually need to make a copayment each time you receive services like a checkup, specialist appointment, or buy prescription medications. So when you factor in those copays, using a resource like can be even more cost-effective than using your health insurance.

Look at the Numbers

Let’s compare an online doctor visit on to the insurance copay for using an in-network health care provider. According to, the typical copay for a visit with an in-network primary care provider is $15-$25, and the typical copay for a visit to a specialist is $30-$50 (2). By comparison, allows you to have an online doctor visit for a flat $20 fee, right in the middle of the range for typical PCP copays.

What about the actual cost of the prescription? After all, that’s where it really starts to get expensive. Well, every health insurance plan is different in the copay they charge for prescriptions. But fortunately, has transparent price ranges on the website. Since they provide that information, it’s easy to compare their price to your insurance plan’s copays to make the financially smart choice for you. In-Network Health Care Provider
Doctor Visit $20 $15-$50
Prescription Cost As low as $1 per tablet ???

And here’s something else to keep in mind. Did you know some health insurance plans won’t cover ED medications or other drugs to treat sexual health? (3) But if your health insurance plan excludes ED medication, don’t worry, just give a try.

Perhaps the better question isn’t “Are online ED meds covered by insurance?”, but rather “Are online ED more cost-effective?”.

What About Medicare?

If you’re on or soon to join Medicare, you may have heard that Medicare doesn’t cover ED medication. Typically, that is correct. Original Medicare (Parts A & B) does not cover ED meds, and many Part C and Part D plans also omit coverage for Viagra, Cialis, and equivalent generic ED drugs (4). Now, here’s the good news for you: Even if your Medicare plan doesn’t cover ED meds, you can get the prescription you need from for the same low prices as everyone else.